These are some of our favorite music and music related sites. We hope you will enjoy them as much as we do.
Ruins of Kells Abbey, Kells, Ireland
Home of the Book of Kells
Postmodern Mythic American Music
Tracy Grammer is a must for anyone who enjoys thoughtful themes expressed with witty and evocative lyrics touched by southwestern humor. Tracy's fiddle, guitar, manodlin and vocals interwine to delivery a sometimes haunting, sometimes lively, sometimes humorous and always delightful effect.
Jazz, Irish, Classical
Eddie does it all. Formerly with the Trail Band, Eddie plays internationally and teaches in the Portland, OR area when he's home. Julie has studied under Eddie the last few years and
One of the Finest Irish Fiddlers and Guitarist Around
A former Portland resident and lately of Seattle, Randal plays and gives workshops up and down the Pacific coast with tours to other areas of the country. Don't miss a chance to hear his music.
All gal acoustic quartet
MISTY RIVER calls the Pacific Northwest home. These talented women masterfully arrange their own material which includes award-winning original songs, traditionals and other favorite songs and tunes from many genres. Yet, they are probably best known for their "stop you in your tracks" vocal harmonies where each member contributes a different lead vocal timbre that makes the whole "greater than the sum of it's parts". Add some astonishing musicianship and you have ... MISTY RIVER!
Learn Irish Dance
Have a live dance party at your wedding or party. Sam Keator can make your event a memorable occasion.
Learn Irish Music from the Masters
Julie and I attended in 1998 and it was an unforgetable experience. All Irish musicians should go at least once (and more if possible).
Performer and Producer Extrordinaire
We recorded our last CD, Mountain Road, with Billy and he drove us mercilessly to bring out our best! Thank you Billy. Billy's Big Red Studio is used by musicians from across the country.
Julie's Favorite Music Magazine
Profiles and interviews with great fiddlers of all styles. Plus, sheet music and technical tips. Look for the article on Randal Bays in the Winter 98/99 issue.
The Bluegrass Organization for Oregon
Listings of jams, festivals and other bluegrass activities.
Member Supported Community Radio
Every Saturday between 9 and noon tune in for your bluegrass fix. And even though we're not a bluegrass band, they always annouce our shows when we give them a call. Thanks, KBOO.
Fine String Instruments
Julie's plays Gianna Violins live and in recording sessions Check out the site to see the entire line of violins, violas and other string instruments.
Celtic Store for All Your Wedding Needs
Celtic rings and other wedding related products.
Mike and Julie's Other Band
Sized for more intimate venues and occasions.

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